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LAW 655 : Procedural Problems in International Commercial Disputes

AcademicYear Course Code Course Name Year of Study Offered semester ECTS Theory+Practice (Hour)
2016-2017 LAW 655 Procedural Problems in International Commercial Disputes Ms Year I Fall Only 6 3+0
Course work load : 153 hour(s) + 0 minute(s)
Candan Yasan Tepetaş, Faculty Member, PhD
This course aims to analyse procedural problems encountered in commercial disputes involving foreign elements. The judicial notification, letter of request, security for costs, international jurisdiction of Turkish courts, litispendence, taking of evidence and discovery, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments will be discussed. In this respect, the actual problems in practice will be considered together with court decisions.
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to;
  1. Identify the procedural problems in international commercial disputes.
  2. Resolve problems related legal assistance between Turkish and foreign courts.
  3. Determine international jurisdiction of Turkish courts in commercial disputes.
  4. Resolve problems related taking off evidence in commercial disputes.
  5. Give effect to foreign judgments in Turkey.
Face to Face
- Cemal Şanlı, Uluslararası Ticari Akitlerin Hazırlanması ve Uyuşmazlıkların Çözüm Yolları, İstanbul 2015 - Cemal Şanlı/Emre /Esen/İnci Ataman-Figanmeşe, Milletlerarası Özel Hukuk, İstanbul 2015 - Ergin Nomer, Devletler Özel Hukuku, İstanbul 2014 - Aysel Çelikel/Bahadır Erdem, Milletlerarası Özel Hukuk, İstanbul 2015 - Vahit Doğan, Milletlerarası Özel Hukuk, İstanbul 2015 - Hakan Pekcanıtez/Muhammet Özekes/Oğuz Atalay, Medeni Usul Hukuku Ders Kitabı, İstanbul 2015
- Ziya Akıncı, Milletlerarası Ticari Hakem Kararları ve Tenfizi, Ankara 1994 - Cemile Demir Gökyayla, Milletlerarası Tahkimde Belge İbrazı, İstanbul 2014 - Cemile Demir Gökyayla, Yabancı Mahkeme Kararlarının Tanınması ve Tenfizde Kamu Düzeni, Ankara 2001 - Güray Erdönmez, Medeni Usul Hukukunda Belgelerin İbrazı Mecburiyeti, İstanbul 2014 - Nur Bolayır, Hukuk Yargılamasında Delillerin Toplanmasında Tarafların ve Hakimin Rolü, İstanbul 2014 - Nur Bolayır, Medeni Usul Hukukunda Yetki Sözleşmeleri, İstanbul 2009 - Nuray Ekşi, Türk Mahkemelerinin Milletlerarası Yetkisi, İstanbul 2000 - Ceyda Süral, Uluslararası Özel Hukukta Yabancı Devletlerin Sınırlı Yargı ve İcra Muafiyeti, İstanbul 2015 - Uğur Tütüncübaşı, Yabancı Çekişmesiz Yargı Kararların Türk Hukukunda Tanınması, İstanbul 2014 - Musa Aygül, Milletlerarası Ticari Tahkimde Tahkim Usulüne Uygulanacak Hukuk ve Deliller, İstanbul 2014 - Ahmet Cemal Ruhi, Milletlerarası Usul Hukukunda Adli Yardım, Tebligat ve İstinabe, İstanbul 2014 - Kemal Şimşek, Yabancıların Türkiye'de Yargılanması ve Uluslararası Adli Yardımlaşma, İstanbul 2014 - Nuray Ekşi, Yabancı Mahkeme Kararlarının Tanınması ve Tenfizi, İstanbul 2014 - Pelin Güven, Yabancı Mahkeme Kararlarının Tanınması ve Tenfizi, İstanbul 2013 - Nimet Özbek Hadimoğlu, Milletlerarası Usul Hukukunda Geçici Koruma, Ankara 2013 - Zeynep Çalışkan, Milletlerarası Usul Hukukunda Teminat, İstanbul 2013
Theoretical lectures(Lecture), Study time for Theoretical Lectures (Lecture), Attendance, Case Study, Discussion, Question & Answer, Midterm(s), Final exam, Study time for final exam
Requires consent of instructor
Except students from following programme
Law , Law (without thesis)

Course Content

Introduction to international procedural law
Letter of request
Judicial notification
Judicial immunity- I
International jurisdiction of Turkish courts
International jurisdiction of Turkish courts related interim measures
Choice of courts agreements
Problems related evidence and burden of proof
Taking of eff evidence and discovery in international commercial disputes
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Turkey-I
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Turkey-II
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Turkey-III
Final examination
Final examination
Assesment Methods And Criteria Quantity Percentage (%)
Attendance 13 10
Midterm(s) 1 30
Final exam 1 60
Total (%) 100

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